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Every sector is influenced by it: commercial organisations, companies, government, industry, education, non-profit and every imaginable option in between. Digitalisation has radically changed our ways of work and information technology is the driving force behind it. This transformation is still happening and affects us all. IT, technology, innovation and digitalisation are my areas of expertise as a presenter and moderator.


Through my years of experience as a consultant online media and project manager of large IT project in complex and often highly political organisations, I know exactly what the challenges are for managers, board members and teams. I fully understand what the impact and opportunity of online tools and services can be for companies and organisations. How important subjects like data, legacy, security and privacy are, how to deal with those on a day to day basis and how to deliver successful digital projects.


Connecting with a tech-minded audience

During events, I rely on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, to make sure speakers shine in their spotlight. I make sure the room engages speakers on stage. At the same time, I represent the people in the audience by asking the questions I know are on the tip of everyone's tongue. Being critical and steadfast when necessary is a part of that. Both in a project and on stage, I always look for the right solution, I remove obstacles and I collaborate with a diverse range of people. My talent to easily connect guarantees smooth communication with every type of keynote speaker or audience, from IT-team to C-suite.


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