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Are you looking for an experienced moderator for your event, conference or symposium with a tech-minded audience? You have now come to the right place.

I am one of the very view female presenters and moderators specialised in IT, online communication, innovation and digitalization.


I will make sure your event will paint a smile on the faces of the participants. Speakers and the audience will interact on and off stage, which will turn the drinks afterwards into a vibrant place to connect and meet new people. And, as a bonus, you are assured complex information is made easily accessible and your program will run smoothly, on time. Great for you, your speakers and participants.


Turning nice events into great meetings is my talent and that is what I love to help you with.


Does your event have an international audience? I will make sure everyone feels at home, presenting in fluent English or my native Dutch. I have obtained my Cambridge proficiency in English certificate, so you can be sure your conference, workshop or panel discussion will sound pleasant in both languages. More or different languages? I also feel comfortable adding some German, French or Spanish. 


Kahoot, MentiMeter, panel discussions, wordclouds, a House of Commons or quiz with the audience, I love to brainstorm about the best interactive elements. My solid preparation, knowledge and pleasant style ensure organisations enjoy working with me. 


Do you want to book an energetic female moderator for your event? I'm the one to call. Want to know more? Read more information about me here.


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"Fresh, enthusiastic, well prepared, bright, elegant, authentic and a very good connection with the audience"


"The combination of her enthusiasm, knowledgeability and authority makes the event run smoothly"


"In two words: refreshing and reliable. I hope to collaborate again in the future"



Samen met cameraman Sylvano trok ik als razende reporter de zaal door om de sfeer te proeven en korte gesprekken te voeren. Knutsel je nu aan je programma voor een event? Denk er dan aan om de klassieke aftermovie een gezicht te geven. Vul de film niet alleen beelden en muziek, maar met écht contact. Door korte gesprekken en reacties toe te voegen wordt die film ineens veel persoonlijker. En dus leuker om naar te kijken.


Nog een stap verder? Denk dan eens aan een pop-up studio voor een rondetafelgesprek of interviewserie met sprekers voor of tijdens je event. Leuk als opwarmertje en een interessant intermezzo, bijvoorbeeld tijdens de pauzes. Tegelijkertijd verzamel je waardevol communicatiemateriaal, want die video’s zijn ook ná de datum van je event bruikbaar.


Gaan er ideeën bij je borrelen? Ik denk graag mee!



Are you planning an event and do you want to

  • book an energetic, female presenter or moderator

  • who makes keynote speakers shine on stage,

  • actively involves your audience so the event will stand out in their memory,

  • who askes the right questions

  • and makes sure everything runs on time,

  • in fluent English and Dutch?

Mail, call or text me

You can expect me to reply within 24 hours.


I look forward to hearing from you!




UK: +44 77 33 25 15 41

NL: +31 6 29 24 86 07


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