Annemarie van Campen | Moderator, Presenter and Speaker


The first governmental organisation I got to know inside out was a municipality: the city of Groningen. Since then, I have spent over 13 years working for and with governments on every level, from cities and provinces to ministries and administrative bodies. 


The government works in a slightly different way than companies do. It is important to be aware and understand that dynamic, in which politics always play a role. As a moderator and presenter, I regularly step on to the stage on behalf of governmental organisations. During preparation, I work with spokespeople and the communications department to ensure all expectations, possible sensitivities and the do's and don't are clear for everyone. Together with an event production team, I subsequently dot all the i-s.


Working with and for the government, and especially with politicians, relies on the talent to improvise. It is not unthinkable that during an event, the mayor or MP scheduled to speak is delayed due to other obligations or is not able to come at all, because of an emergency elsewhere. An empty stage or a piece of music while waiting is not an option in that case. It is my job as presenter to smooth over this unexpected situation. Fortunately, there are all kinds of solutions to apply.


As a presenter, I understand how to build the bridge between government and society. I would love to collaborate with your organisation.


Feel free to get in touch.


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