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10, 11, 12 July 2018
Computing Conference London 2018 - SAI Conferences IEEE

 Afbeelding Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter tijdens Computing Conference 2018


Language: English
Audience: Computer scientists from 50+ countries

Every year in London, SAI Conferences and IEEE organize the international event for scientists and researchers, focussing on information sciences, artificial intelligence, mathematics, data analysis and human computer interaction. During three days, researchers from all over the globe share their insights and recent findings. Establishing connections between the delegates and representatives of universities is central to the conference. As a moderator and MC, it was first of all my job to make that connection between the delegates and the speakers on stage and to conduct video interviews with researchers on their current work.

1 June 2018
Women in eCommerce - PayPal Nederland

Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter voor PayPal Nederland


Language: Dutch
Audience: 30 personally invited ladies, working in online marketing and ecommerce

In June, PayPal Nederland hosted the first edition of Women in eCommerce. A purposefully small group of women met in Amsterdam during a breakfast event. Entrepreneurs and representatives of large corporates shared ideas and experiences, together with three speakers - experts in the field. By choosing an intimate setting, starting with informal exercises to get to know each other, we created a successful event in which interaction thrived. All women present agreed: we look forward to the next meetings!


31 May  2018
Opening Quarter Plaza - HighBrook Investors

Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter, opening Quarter Plaza Sloterdijk


Language: English and Dutch
Audience: realtors, property managers, investors

Amsterdam Sloterdijk area is thriving. HighBrook Investors renovated three office buildings and transformed them into modern buildings, with all necessary amenities. Together with Syrinx PR & Communicatie and Sprekershuys, I hosted the festive opening of these three buildings. Duncan Stutterheim joined me as a guest on stage, to talk about the development of the Sloterdijk area.


24 May 2018
Keynote Academie voor Vastgoed

Annemarie van Campen, keynote voor de Academie voor Vastgoed


Language: Dutch
Audience: realtors

What does digitization mean for realtors and property managers? This was the main theme of my keynote for the Academy for Real Estate. Using recent examples, the audience joined me on a trip through relevant developments, while I handed them practical tools to recognize and implement new possibilities.


5 April 2018
Launch ACCEZ - Province of Zuid-Holland

Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter voor Provincie Zuid-Holland, ACCEZ


Language: Dutch
Audience: policy makers, scientists, entrepreneurs and startups

Circular economy will be one of the main focus points of the Zuid-Holland province over the next couple of years. To support entrepreneurs in this area, a new office will be there to support them and help them find answers to their challenges: ACCEZ. ACCEZ will build collaborations between companies, universities and policy makers. Their goal: paving the road for successful initiatives. During the event, the door to ACCEZ was opened by representatives of all sectors.

21 March 2018
Election night – Municipality of Almere

Language: Dutch
Audience: candidates, municipal councillors, dignitaries, policy makers, citizens

On the evening of the national Dutch municipal elections, I presented the results of the election, together with mayor Weerwind of Almere. Champagne for the winners, a shoulder to cry on for those who lost.


5 March 2018

Launch RHIA - Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport

Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter voor Rotterdam The Hague Airport


Language: Dutch
Audience: entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists

In the impressive hangar of Rotterdam Airport, I hosted the festive launch of Rotterdam-The Hague Innovation Airport, RHIA. A new collaboration between the airport, corporated and educational institutions in the area.


March 2018
Video series – Department of Waterways and Public Works

Annemarie van Campen voor Rijkswaterstaat


Language: Dutch
Audience: representatives and partners of the Department of Waterways and Public Works

Together with Zandbeek Communications, I travelled the country to record a 5-part corporate video series about the deployment of sensor technology for maintenance and development of the Dutch public infrastructure.


28 February 2018
Me, myself and… Putin – Groninger Forum

Annemarie van Campen, gespreksleider voor Groninger Forum


Language: English
Audience: students, Groningers and expats

Right before the reelection of Vladimir Putin, the Groninger Forum hosted a debate night about the role and influence of the Russian leader in his own country and abroad. I moderated the conversation between experts Wierd Duk, Hans van Koningsbrugge and the audience.


16 January 2017
Jong en Zorgend – Mantelzorg & Meer


Language: Dutch
Audience: informal carers, researchers and policy makers

Young people with a responsibility to provide care. What are their needs? Two years of research by Mantelzorg & Meer led to clear conclusions. During the symposium, three young informal carers took to the stage. I moderated the on occasion emotional conversation.


12 December 2017
Focus on Inspire – Canon Nederland

Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter voor Canon Nederland.


Language: Dutch
Audience: clients and associates of Canon Nederland

In 2016 and 2017 I presented the annual client get together of Canon Nederland. The audience consisted of users of the CCM suite, a tool to smoothly handle client communications, a combination of practically minded functional software managers and strategically inclined IT- and communication managers.


15 November 2017
Disrupt IT – Stichting Nationaal Informatica Congres SNiC

Annemarie van Campen , dagvoorzitter tijdens DisruptIT Stichting nationaalo ICT congres


Language: English
Audience: IT and computer sciences students

Once a year, all IT-students of the Netherlands come together during the National Computer Sciences Congress. In 2017, this event was organized by the IT student association of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Together with Danny Mekic, I presented the well attended day in the theatre of Zwolle.


23 June 2017
Venture Lunch – CHIO

Annemarie van Campen als dagvoorzitter tijdens CHIO 2017


Language: Dutch
Audience: innovators, scientists and companies from the The Hague – Rotterdam region.

Innovators, researchers, companies and students joined each other during the famous Concours Hippique International Officiel (CHIO) in Rotterdam. Along the background of the dressage competition, the audience discussed three topical subjects: circular economy, digitization and energy transition.


15 April 2017
Werken bij de EU – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Annemarie van Campen, dagvoorzitter voor het Ministerie van Buitelandse Zaken


Language: Dutch and English
Audience: (young) professionals and students

Every year, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts an event for all who are interested in working for the EU. The Ministry actively recruits Dutchmen and -women with the right background and attitude. I have had the pleasure of moderating this event over the last couple of years.


20 April 2017
PR is Key – Presspage

 Annemarie van Campen, dagvoorzitter voor Presspage PR is Key


Language: English
Audience: Presspage clients and associates

Following the surge of digital solutions and the overall adoption of the internet, the field of PR has significantly changed over the last years. During the PR is Key event, I zoomed in on the current status of the sector and the new role of PR managers, together with host organization Presspage.


5 April 2017
Cascadis Congress – Cascadis

Annemarie van Campen, dagvoorzitter voor Cascadis


Language: Dutch and English
Audience: online professionals working for the Dutch government

In 2016 en 2017 I presented the annual Cascadis congress. Cascadis is the association for web professionals in the Dutch public sector. The congress is aimed at sharing knowledge, insights and networking. Guest of honour during the 2017 event was Gerry McGovern, well known within the sector for the development of the highly popular Top Tasks method of online content and information management.

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